Solitary Siren Green Spot Jasper Necklace

Solitary Siren Green Spot Jasper Necklace

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If you have been drawn to this stone it could be that you could benefit from its nurturing energy. Green Spot Jasper is a stone of balance and healing and is also known as the supreme nurturer. Jasper supports us in times of stress bringing a sense of wholeness and calm whilst providing us protection from negative energy around us and in our immediate environment by absorbing it preventing it from effecting us. Green spot Jasper embodies creativity, action, and passion in your relationship. It will centre, ground, and stabilize your energies so that you’ll remain unpretentious by the chaos that is happening in your romantic relationship. What’s more, the stone will make your relationship with your partner stronger. Green jasper is a powerful help when starting a new business venture. In fact, it’s perfect for keeping ventures on course, projects on schedule, as well as life on track. On a side note, the jasper stone is called a money charm. 

Zodiac: Leo

Chakra: Root