Green Agate Bracelet 4mm

Green Agate Bracelet 4mm

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Green agate is used primarily in the health and well-being of the eyes. Of volcanic origin, the fire element is very accentuated, acting as a source of inspiration and creativity. According to gemmotherapy, green agates have an important meaning for the balance between emotions and the physical body, so they are very suitable for fighting psychosomatic diseases. Green agate is also used since time immemorial to enhance fertility, helping to prevent abortions and discomfort during pregnancy. Agates can be used in any direction to attract change. If we use it in the center it brings balance, health, and connection with the earth element. In the east, it helps protect children and in the southeast, it enhances fertility. Useful to improve the ability to love, attract love relationships of better quality and enhance fidelity in the couple. It is called astral stone as it enhances spirituality and opens up new channels of perception.

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo

Chakra: Sacral, Heart