Silver Airless Pumps

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Display your high-end cosmetic creations in this sleek airless bottle that comes with an elegant frosted finish and stylish matte silver base and cap. The airless pump dispenses product effortlessly for a seamless user experience, and also preserves your formulation for longer as it is less prone to oxidation. The atomizer nozzle releases a fine spray mist that pairs wonderfully with lightweight liquids such as hydrosols, toners, mists, perfumes, and setting sprays.

These bottles are both BPA and lead free, and are available in the capacity of 100 mL (3.5 oz).

How Does It Work?

Filling liquid product to the top of this innovative bottle creates a vacuum inside. With every pump of the contents, the tiny hole at the bottom allows for just enough air pressure to move the product to the top, ready for the next pump. The vacuum is thus maintained, which is what keeps the product from leaking out! The refillable nature of these bottles makes them eco-friendly.

Specifications - Bottle
Capacity (oz) Neck (in) Height (in) Diameter (in)
3.5 0.79 6.93 1.61


Specifications - Cap
Capacity (oz) Height (in) Diameter (in)
3.5 1.77 1.57