Serpentine Raw Stone

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Serpentine is an excellent stone for clearing any energy blockages within the chakras, allowing us to develop a healthy flow of energy throughout the emotional and physical body. Interestingly, the snake is also revered as a symbol of good health and is symbolized throughout medical establishments, hospitals, and even on most ambulances. The reason for this is because the snake sheds its skin and emerges from its old scales refreshed and anew. Kundalini energy is very familiar with this stone-this unique energy is most commonly referred to as “serpent power” and resides at the very base of our spines. When stimulated and risen, this energy will rise to the top of the spine and wrap itself around the sacrum. Serpentine stimulates this energy in all of us, aiding us in accessing deeper psychic and spiritual upgrades. Kundalini energy works its way up the spine stimulating, opening, and balancing all chakras and ultimately opening one’s mind to an array of spiritual insight. Keeping a piece of serpentine close to you during meditation will help to facilitate these intense energies and open one up to our true spiritual nature.

Sun Sign Connection: All Zodiac Signs

Chakra Healing: All Chakras

Every order comes with one raw Serpentine stone.

As it is a product of nature, shape, size, and weight will vary.