New Directions Pomegranate Fragrance Oil 100ml

New Directions Pomegranate Fragrance Oil 100ml

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The essence of a fresh, fruity pomegranate. Top notes of fresh floral, pomegranate, grape, citrus, sweet strawberry and muguet. Heart notes of juicy spice, jasmine, rose, lilac and camphor. Base notes of amber, musk and powder.

Common Uses:
 Candles / Gel Candles
 Skin and Hair Care

Important Note: When you are selecting fragrant oils for making candles, please check the flashpoint against the melting temperature of the wax, and ensure that the flashpoint is at least 10 ℃ higher, otherwise, should the wax become too hot, the fragrant oil may ignite.

This Fragrance Oil is Paraben & Phthalate Free