Large Decorative Smudge Fan

Large Decorative Smudge Fan

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Smudging fans are used to energetically + spiritually cleanse a space prior to ceremony, meditation, ritual + worship of low vibes and negativity. ... The ancients believe that through the smoke of these burning herbs, magic is created and vibrations are lifted.

Birds share many messages and lessons. For instance, when the day begins, birds greet the new day with song and help wake up the world for a new day.  Indigenous cultures may choose specific feathers depending on the task at hand. 

Birds are also believed to have a special connection with the Creator, and the use of their feathers helps us to forge a deeper connection with the Spirit, the Creator, and ourselves. 

Many people will choose to use one feather or a combination of feathers and sometimes accented with crystals to enhance intensions and to attract energy while smudging. This smudging is handmade by Vanessa Wojtalik.