Dolomite Animal

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The Whale Spirit brings regeneration, new beginnings, and provides a sense of calm. Whales mate for life, they are caring animals and easily demonstrate affection. Your Spirit Whale can help you develop creativity, and establish a peaceful contact with the divine.



The Rabbit Spirit brings agility, sensitivity, and keen observation. Rabbits breed easily and often represent sexual activity and attraction. Your Spirit Rabbit can help you move through fear and stop worrying. It can bring humility, sharpen reflexes, and help decide which direction to take.



The Cat Spirit brings intuition, autonomy, and gives access to the supernatural. Cats can see in the dark and are very magnetic and sensual. Your Spirit Cat can help you develop your intuition, remain confident in moments of darkness, and overcome challenges with agility.



The Moose Spirit brings noble pride, deep perceptions, and sensitivity. Moose are gentle giants. They remain calm most of the time. However, if provoked, they will show their courage and protective nature. Your Spirit Moose can help you conquer your fears and give you the confidence to achieve your goals. It reminds you to stay in the present rather than living in the past.



The Dragon Spirit brings wisdom, power, optimism, and protection. Dragons soar gracefully across the skies with confidence; they are creative and fearless, relying on only themselves. Your Dragon Spirit can help you develop independence, self-confidence, strength, courage, and fortitude.



The Buffalo Spirit brings strength, stability, gratitude, and abundance. Buffalos are nomadic, in their whereabouts they trust that the Earth will sustain them and they will find abundance on their path. Your Spirit Buffalo can help you connect with mother earth and be grateful for its abundance.



The Hummingbird Spirit brings enjoyment and freedom of being. Though hummingbirds are small in size, they are capable of amazing acts and traveling extraordinarily long distances. Your Hummingbird Spirit can help guide you to a joyful life, further your resiliency, and lead you to a more playful and optimistic view of life.



The Tiger Spirit brings power, determination, confidence, and trustworthiness. Tigers have acute senses and sharp eyesight. They quickly perceive strength and weakness and know which battles to pursue. Your Spirit Tiger can help you feel better in your own skin, improve your self-discipline, stimulate your awareness, and increase your patience.


The Horse Spirit brings practicality, speed, strength, and grace. Horses have stamina, they are passionate, independent, and ready for action. Your Spirit Horse can help you to meet challenges, take risks, make choices, and move forward while remaining solidly grounded.



The Elephant Spirit brings power, pride, and strength. Elephants are patient, even tempered, and live very long. Your Spirit Elephant can help you remove obstacles out of your way and lead your life with stability, honour, and happiness.



The Butterfly Spirit brings changes, joy, and lightens our moods. Butterflies are inspiring, delicate, and colourful. Your Spirit Butterfly can help you emergef from your cocoon and undergo the transformation into your real self; the free expression of your soul.



The Fish Spirit brings adaptability, a flowing life, success in business and in one's career. Fish reproduce themselves easily, therefore they are creators of life. Your Spirit Fish can help you to navigate through difficulties like a fish in the ocean, and let go of unnecessary burdens that you carry without noticing.



The Dragonfly Spirit brings acute awareness, gratitude for the small things, and balance. Dragonflies change direction swiftly and are comfortable in the air as well as in water. Your Dragonfly Spirit can help you find joy in the simplest things and feel the power of life.



The Dolphin Spirit brings friendship, playfulness, and intelligence. Dolphins have a keen sense of observation and have developed a higher consciousness. They love to guide us to shore. Your Spirit Dolphin can help you become more playful and loving, improve your sense of connectedness, and remember your dreams.



The Angel Pig Spirit brings purity of heart, childlike innocence, and determination. Angel Pigs watch the souls of those in need of strength and faith. Your Angel Pig Spirit can help you to find the beauty in all things and enhance feelings of hope.



The Pig Spirit brings fertility, abundance, and determination. Pigs are hard workers, and they are very prolific. Your Spirit Pig can help you attract abundance, fertility, honesty, leadership, and protection in your everyday life.




The Owl Spirit brings wisdom, protection, and helps us discover hidden secrets. Owls have night vision and can see things not revealed to the human eye. Your Spirit Owl can help you tap into spirit knowledge and develop your perceptions and your intuition.



The Bear Spirit brings peace, modesty, and benevolence. Bears are brave and defend their offspring. They have a very strong motherly nature. Your Spirit Bear can help you establish the communication with your own soul and make that journey inside. It can assist you to understand the meaning of your dreams.



The Dog Spirit brings loyalty, unconditional love, and protection. Dogs overlook weakness to serve and forgive. Your Dog Spirit can help you increase your compassion and devotion to family, while remaining loyal to yourself and your beliefs.



The Hedgehog Spirit brings resourcefulness, vitality, and gentleness. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, they have a heightened intuition and sensitivity, which is the reason why they tend to protect themselves. Your Hedgehog Spirit Animal can increase your psychic abilities, help set up boundaries to protect yourself, and increase your resistance to harsh conditions.



The Fox Spirit brings keen mental faculties and integrity. Foxes are winners. They don't let go and use all their abilities to achieve success. They can be cunning if needed but they are also loyal, creative, and subtle. Your Fox Spirit can help you see many situations more clearly, and solve problems with determination and discernment. 



The Crocodile Spirit brings raw power, quick reactions and a sense of self-preservation. Crocodiles are aggressive and stand their ground. They are respected y their peers and masters at blending in with their environment. Your Spirit Crocodile can help you find the most opportune moment to act and allow you to be more vigilant and fierce.



The Wild Boar Spirit brings mighty courage, fertility, and strength. Wild boars are solitary and do not need others to know what they have to do. The females are very protective of what is important to them. Your Wild Boar Spirit can help you find the courage to face your fears and the wild energy to solve your problems. It acts as a protector of good intentions.



The Lion Spirit brings dignity, courage, power, and balance. Lions lead with a loving heart and defend fiercely, confident in their birthright power. Your Lion Spirit can help you learn to hold your head high, stand tall, and have faith, even in times of discord.


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