Dinosaur Bone Pendant

Dinosaur Bone Pendant

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This stone will assist you achieve all that you need in life. This alluring stone has a magical pull, as it assists you to bring forward and deal with negative issues from your past. Being a Stone of Integrity, it is wonderful for calming anxiety and it helps you overcome survival anxieties. Dinosaur bone is predisposed to assist you with others along with the power to understand what others are really saying. This stone will align you with your pure convictions, it helps you to confidently follow your heart. Dinosaur bone is valuable in overcoming gloominess and gives the promise of emotional strengthen during the grieving process. As a deep soul cleanser, it helps alleviate obsessive thoughts and destructive mental patterns. It helps in overcoming fears or panic attacks and encourages you to consider the bigger picture. It helps you to look at practical results rather than dwelling on the reasons for a situation or assigning blame.

Sun Sign: Leo

Chakra: Root