Destiny in the Palm of Your Hand

Destiny in the Palm of Your Hand

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Use the ancient Indian art of vedic palmistry as a guide to self-understanding and the creation of your destiny.
  • Learn to influence your future to bring forth the best qualities of heart, mind, and soul.
  • Read a record of the past, a print of the present, and guidance for the future in the ever changing interplay of lines.
  • Become aware of your innate tendencies and personality type from the lines in your palms.
  • Includes a palm print kit.

One's destiny isn't carved in stone. Rather than predicting a set future, Vedic palmistry shows us how to take active steps to influence and improve our destinies once we have gained better self-understanding.

Using dozens of illustrations and examples of actual palm prints, Birla demonstrates how our less dominant hand reflects all that we have inherited from the past - old behaviour patterns, thoughts, desires and attitudes - while our dominant hand (the hand we write with) reflects our resolve to change for the better. By comparing both hands we gain an understanding of where we are coming from and where we are headed. As we make positive changes in our lives, the lines on our palms will actually change to reflect our progress. An inked acetate palm printer is included with the book so that you can make an accurate imprint of your palms, allowing you to check back and see the changes reflected in your hands as you transform your destiny.