Charoite Tumble Stone - Pebble

Charoite Tumble Stone - Pebble

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Charoite is also a stone of transformation that bestows goodness upon those who work with it. It is known to bring forth the ultimate benefits in all of life’s situations. Charoite emanates vibrations that overcome all fears and assist in coping with fundamental change. These vibrations help to release unconscious fears and act as a catalyst for healing and transmutation of old patterns. With Calcite inclusions in the purple swirls, it helps to overcome any resistance to needed changes. Charoite is also an incredible ally for mastering compulsions and obsessions. This stone makes one more open to letting life flow naturally through the realizations that: one is in fact right where they should be in any given moment and as one door closes, another opens.

Sun Sign Connection: Virgo; Scorpio; Sagittarius

Chakra Healing: Earthstar; Solar Plexus; Heart; Third Eye; Crown; Etheric