Bird’s Eye Jasper

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Birds Eye Jasper offers us support in times of stress. It helps to soothe our nerves, reduce fear and lessen insecurity. It helps us to feel much safer and more relaxed, indeed, Jasper in general is often called the nurturing stone. Birds Eye Jasper helps to generate within us a stronger connection to nature, an ancient and earthy energy, which helps us to find our own sense of balance. It helps us to put our ideas into action in a creative way and to embrace change, variety and progress. If you are ready to move forward in your life Birds Eye Jasper will support you. Birds Eye Jasper is a protective and a grounding stone which absorbs negative energy, balances our Yin-Yang energy and cleanses both our chakras and our aura. It helps us to remember our dreams, especially those which could be important to us in this life. Birds Eye Jasper also helps us to further our astral travelling and shamanic journeying abilities.

Sun Sign Connection: Gemini; Sagittarius; 

Chakra Healing: Root