Beginner’s Smudging Kit

Beginner’s Smudging Kit

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Smudging is a sacred practice, most often using smoke to cleanse and transmute dense energy from spaces, items, and people. Perfect for clearing old, stuck energy from a new home, antiques, crystals, and any other area of your calling for an energetic re-set.

In this Beginner's Smudging Kit you will find: 1 Feather, 1 Abalone Shell, 1 Palo Santo stick, and 1 Bound White Sage Bundle.

While you carefully fan the smoke around the desired area or item, you may think or recite a blessing, such as: "I release any stagnant/transient/negative energy to be cleansed and transmuted by the white light of Source/Spirit/God, leaving only that which serves my highest good." Any phrase that resonates with your intentions is perfect.