Ammolite Tumble Stone

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Ammolite is a high vibration crystal believed to help activate both the etheric and physical DNA, awakening our awareness to the “perfect” human state, in order to bring about evolutionary shifts in consciousness. Ammolite carries the full spectrum of colours of the first 7 chakras and the shell is in the form of a spiral, chakra energy flows in a spiral and so they can be used to improve the flow of energy or chi and transform negative energy into positive energy.  Ammolite can increase stamina, relieve trauma and be used in meditation to connect with past lives. They are stones of luck, prosperity and well being, helping to alleviate depression and exhaustion.

Sun Sign Connection: Capricorn

Chakra Healing: All Chakras

Every order comes with one Ammolite tumble stone.

As it is a product of nature, size and shape will vary.