Ametrine Tumble Stone

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Ametrine has a number of healing properties.  It enhances lucidity, aids in decision making, promotes personal strength, increases knowledge and wisdom. creates a connection between yourself and the Universe, protects against negative energies, blocks electromagnetic stresses, enhances motivation, relieves energetic causes of insomnia, enhances memory, promotes positive dream experiences and aids in the interpretation of said dreams, assists with emotional balance, aids in receiving and interpreting Divine guidance, helps one open up psychic abilities, promotes joy and happiness, increases self-esteem and confidence, encourages a positive attitude, enhances concentration, eases communication and much more.


Sun Sign Connection: Leo; Virgo; Aquarius

Chakra Healing: Solar Plexus; Third Eye; Crown

Every order comes with one Ametrine tumble stone.

As it is a product of nature, size and shape will vary.