The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge

The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge

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In this new book, Dolores Cannon continues the story begun in two of her previous books, Keepers of the Garden and The Custodians.

She previously explained how:

  • The Extraterrestrials developed life on Earth
  • The complicated relationship between humans and ETs
  • How ETs came to be regarded as gods


This new book focuses on the secret knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation after the Exraterrestrials left earth. For centuries, ET wisdom has been protected by the few who belonged to the secret Mystery schools, where a few initiates were chosen to learn and practice the various techniques. The knowledge had to be safeguarded and protected. They knew that it must not die.

Now the secret knowledge is no longer reserved strictly for oracles in temples, hermits in caves or wise men cloistered in hidden schools. It is returning to our time and is now available for all to learn. This is because the veil is thinning; we are experiencing an awakening as we move into the New Earth. Our vibrations and frequencies are being raised so we will be able to understand these ancient mysteries. They are being returned to our time and are available for anyone to use.