Chrysocolla  Ring Size 10

Chrysocolla Ring Size 10

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 It is a gem nugget that is formed by the combination of bluish-green and black tinted Chrysocolla and copper-red Cuprite. Sonora Sunset speculates as a gem nugget of empowerment that too infuses freedom in the life of the soul. The fused energies of two stones in a single gem serve the spirit soul to get out of the stuck routine. The reverberating vibes of the charismatic gem nugget too serve the soul to achieve acknowledgment as well as control the intellectual and emotional torso in the troublesome situations. Further, it provokes the feeling to empower self as well as bestow passion to handle each phase of life assertively. Sonora Sunset triggers the intuitive qualities. It also helps one understand the feelings of others and align the energies of the self with the energies of the cosmos. The energies of the stone help one accept the ups and downs of life as a necessary phase, boosingt positivity.

Sun Sign Connection: Virgo

Chakra Healing: Sacral; Throat