Solitary Siren Carnelian Bracelet 7 1/4”

Solitary Siren Carnelian Bracelet 7 1/4”

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Carneliean protects against envy, fear, and rage. It opens the heart chakra, allowing connection with one’s inner self. Carnelian produces precision, inspiration and gives speaker fluency. Can be used to cleanse negativity from other stones. Use carnelian to learn how to trust yourself courageously.

Sun Sign Connection: Virgo

Chakra Healing: Sacral

Lava Rock teaches you to ignite the fire within and allow your true expression to show, giving one the inner strength to overcome personal challenges. This stone has the fire power to pull you back completely while bringing you down to earth. Allow the stone's power to boost, motivate and inspire you in whatever situation you find yourself in. Whether the situation appears good or bad, let this stone give you the power you need and the wisdom to ground you.

Sun Sign Connection: Taurus; Scorpio

Chakra Healing: Root