Creativity Spirituality & Making a Buck

Creativity Spirituality & Making a Buck

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A friendly, funny, practical guide for creatives and entrepreneurs, David teaches readers how to integrate their creative process with their spiritual practice and livelihood. How do I make a living doing what I love?, how do I run a business?

Wondering how to reconcile your calling with your need to make a living wage, or what to do once your art starts selling, or what it even means to be successful? David Nichtern offers his lived, learned experience as an entrepreneur, musician, and Buddhist teacher to first help you figure out what "success" means to you and then show you how to get there. He offers advice on the creative process and principles of business and ethics, and provides mindfulness exercises to help you integrate inspiration and aspiration, vocation and avocation - to go from surviving to thriving.

Whether you are, Whether you are trying to align your spiritual, creative, and financial pursuits and discover what it means to truly live well, this book is for you.